LEGO Rock Raiders


En Lego Rock Raiders, estás a bordo de un vehículo espacial gravemente dañado en lo profundo del espacio. Pronto aterriza en un planeta extrano y hace prospección minera en busca del raro "Brickonium" por la necesidad de reparar su nave para poder volver a casa. A través de su misión se verá forzado a enfrentarse a estraños aliens y terreno peligroso. Este gran juego tiene el único "toque" Lego adecuado a la gente familiar de Lego. ¡Lego Rock Raiders son una mezcla única de la acción de la estrategia y de la diversión para la familia entera!


In Lego Rock Raiders, you're set aboard a badly damaged space ship that is deep in space. You soon land on a foreign planet and must mine rare "Brickonium" in order to repair your ship so that you can return home. Throughout your mission you'll be forced to confront strange aliens and dangerous terrain. This great game has been given the very unique Lego "touch" right down to the familiar Lego people. Lego Rock Raiders is a unique mix of strategy and fun action for the whole family!

Borrowing its share of ideas from the Nintendo 64 game Blast Corps, Lego Rock Raiders ends up being a licensed game that packs in a fair amount of fun.

Based on the PC game from last year of the same name, Lego Rock Raiders pits the crew of a Lego ship against an alien planet that holds the energy crystals needed for refueling. If it weren't for those pesky hurtling rocks, the ship might've been ok. But if the ship was ok, then there wouldn't have been this game. So we're glad they got whacked.

When on the planet, the player controls five different team members through eighteen stages of blood, sweat, and tears. The goals for the missions include rescuing trapped fellow rock raiders, collecting green and red energy crystals, and making it to the teleporter safely. That'd all be easy if it weren't for the pesky obstacles. They include spiders, lava, geysers, slugs, rock monsters, and a whole bunch of other nasty things that are deadly to little plastic bricks.

In a nice little bit of gameplay, each team member has a special ability. Axle drives ground vehicles faster and can automatically repair any vehicle that he has control of. Jet jumps like the princess in Super Mario Bros. 2 and drives airborne vehicles faster than the others.

Bandit runs the "Rapid Rider" the fastest and is not harmed by water. Doc can drain rocks of their precious life force. Lastly, Sparks gets double the number of items that others would get by picking up a power-up.

In three separate parts, the game has six stages per. Medals are awarded for performance in each level, and getting better scores is easier with the variety of weapons that are available, such as Dynamite, the Pusher Beam, the Laser Beam, and the Freezer Beam.

There's also a two-player mode available to those who normally drill but wish to race occasionally. And normally, drilling is what the main game is all about. Soft rocks crumble, medium rocks take a while, and hard rocks only break with the Laser Beam or Dynamite.

There are some pronounced loading times here, and the graphics are almost entirely repetitive rock. It's a good thing that the level designs and vehicles are ok. The sound is more average, with footsteps and jet packs making the expected noises.

It's nice to see that the Lego name wasn't trashed in this game. If only it were always that way.