Unreal Tournament

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2341: la brutalidad es una forma de vida y fluye por las más oscuras grietas de la sociedad, desafiando a las poderosas organizaciones que la gobiernan. Deben buscar una forma de aplacar las masas... una forma que sea rentable... El combate entre gladiadores sacia la sed de sangre de las masas y consigue deshacerse de los llamados alborotadores que amenazan a la élite corporativa. Así nace el Torneo: ¡una lucha a muerte seguida de cerca en toda la galaxia! Para ganar libertad, fama y gloria deberás sobrevivir gracias a tu fuerza, ingenio y velocidad... o morir en el intento. Lucha solo o lidera un equipo con el que enfrentarte a despiadados guerreros que persiguen un objetivo común: sobrevivir a los diferentes campos de lucha, enfrentarse al ganador del torneo... y derrotarlo.


Unreal Tournament has lined itself up to set its first-person-shooter note in the PlayStation 2's opening chord. The game, a PC frag-fest from the previous year, features four familiar game types: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and Assault. Fans of the PC original will have the same large assortment of deadly weapons at their disposal for a frag-filled experience. After all, it isn't the first 15-rated game on the PlayStation 2 for nothing.

Not only is there two, three and four-player split-screen action on the same TV, but up to eight PlayStation 2 systems can link together via the PS2's built-in FireWire port. In total, there will be between 40 and 50 maps spread across all single-player and multiplayer game modes. Some maps are identical to the game's PC predecessor, while others have been specifically designed for the new 128-bit system.

The bot artificial intelligence is also impressive, especially in the simulated Capture the Flag mode. Players can also effortlessly assign orders to virtual team mates, such as "Attack", "Defend", "Hold Position", and "Cover".

There are a couple of issues such as the frame rate being noticeably slower than its computer brethren in parts, especially in split-screen mode. Thankfully for those of us weaned on Unreal and Unreal Tournament on the PC, a standard keyboard and mouse can be connected to the PS2's USB port